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Tutor, Multidisciplinary artist, facilitator


This site is a reflection of me, meaning it will change, grow, hold contradictions, and mirror my lifelong process of learning. Thanks for being here.

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artist statement

         Most art forms can feed the soul, but they cannot free us from hunger*. They cannot house us. They cannot reduce carbon emissions*. What they can do, however, is help us envision a future where these are no longer concerns. They can give us the power to see what a world without poverty would look like*. They can help us better understand what it means to love, to be in community, to be free.

         My main focus in exploring these issues is through narrative driven structures in the context of opera, audio-visual work, and music with underlying text from speeches, poems, or interviews. In 2017, my first opera, The Process (based on Kafka's novel Der Prozeß) was premiered at Florida State University with the FSU Opera Department. I was hoping to follow the danger and stress of living in a surveillance state*. In 2020, I finished my second large-scale vocal dramatic work, Medusa, for three high-voice singers, which uses the Medusa myth to analyze self-identity after trauma*.

         These problems and topics are what fascinates me as an artist. How can I use narrative and art to pursue self-discovery, address existing toxic institutions within and outside of my life, encourage community building, and help audiences and myself imagine liberating practices for the future? While my main focus is in opera and audio-visual work, I continue to write works for ensembles and soloists without text, but even these are often driven to answer the same questions. Through taking risks, listening, and interacting with my communities in their many complexities, I can learn what works well, what doesn't, and how to move forward. This is my lifelong goal as artist - to continue learning how I can tap into art's potential for developing sustainable, loving, and significant change.

Yes, food is art and can free us from hunger, but y'all know what I'm getting at here

I am particularly grateful to a number of Black women and femme writers who have helped me see the value in this (such as Octavia Butler, adrienne maree brown, and N.K. Jemisin, to name a few)

I'm looking at you especially, Non-fungible tokens

To be frank I failed in a lot of ways, but was fortunate to have a lot of lessons to take from it.

Medusa was scheduled to have a reading in Summer 2020. As we all know, that didn't end up happening so, verdict is still out on the success of this one. I feel good about it though!


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         Joshua Baerwald is an artist who uses music, video, and drama to address themes of toxic institutions in our communities, the shift from binaries to spectra, and the power of dedicated imagination. He creates music with the hopes of inspiring social change through these themes and challenging audiences to envision a future more liberating and community-centric. His first opera, The Process, was premiered in May 2017 with the Florida State University Opera Department. His second large-scale dramatic vocal work was finished last April and was scheduled to have a reading in the Summer of 2020 before being cancelled due to COVID. The work uses the Medusa myth to analyze self-identity after trauma.

         In addition to being an artist, Joshua is a tutor and active community member. He teaches all subjects of the SAT and ACT, as well as most math subjects through primary education. He has also provided composition lessons and taught classes on composition for three years through various fellowships. Josh is also an active participant in mutual aid work and uses his previous experience as a leadership program facilitator and coordinator to inform and facilitate current discussions around issues stemming from masculinity and whiteness. Joshua received his B.M. in Music Composition at Florida State University, his M.M. in Music Composition at the University of Louisville as a Bomhard Fellow, and is currently pursuing an Artist Diploma at the Hartt School. His mentors include Anthony R. Green, Kyle Grimm, Steve Rouse, Kimcherie Lloyd, Daron Hagen, Joey Mechavich, and Clifton Callender, to name a few.

selected works

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Please contact the composer for access to scores​.

Information about pieces can (and likely will) be updated over time.



includes electronics

includes prompts for reflection/community discussion

not yet performed

click on the underlined text of a piece to view more information about the work



Chamber/Art Song

  • "The Thorn," a Song Cycle for Low Voice and Piano

  • "Death By Water" for Baritone and Chamber Ensemble






Chamber (4-10 players)

Large Scale (11+ players)


Flex Ensemble



  • Communiscope

  • Cello Concerto (Two Versions)

  • Trumpet Concerto

  • Two Miniatures for Orchestra

  • Palimpsest, for brass quintet

  • Snapshot, for sextet

  • ...mostly, for string quartet

  • Son of Ahab, for tuba and piano

  • The Painter for piano trio

  • 6 pieces for Saxophone and Electronics

  • Enough I, for solo cello

  • First Grade, for Trombone and Electronics

  • Gray, for cello and electronics







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Teaching Experience

Core Subjects

  • Private Prep, Tutor (07/22 - Current)

    • Teach all subjects of the SAT and ACT, various math subjects, and test-taking strategies and performance prep

  • Tutoring through Higher Heights Youth Empowerment Program (01/2021 - 06/22)

    • Teach various levels of math including the SAT math sections​

Music Composition

  • Community Division Fellowship through Hartt Community Division (08/2020-05/2021)​

    • Gave composition lessons every two weeks to a number of middle + high school students ​

    • Graded assignments by community members participating in a music theory class led by Dr. Jessica Rudman

    • Wrote 6 educational pieces for saxophone and electronics for middle + high school students as well as a communal work to be performed on Zoom with a facilitated discussion after

  • Youth Performing Arts School Composition Class through University of Louisville's Bomhard Fellowship (09/2018-03/2020)​

    • Co-led a weekly composition course for high school students at the Youth Performing Arts School in Louisville

    • Organized a cumulative concert at the end of each semester premiering works written by the students.​

Last updated July 2022

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